7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles
7 Mask Bundles

Made By LAD

7 Mask Bundles

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Don't have time to wash your mask every day? Want to switch up your look? Now you can have a new mask for each day of the week with LAD Day of the Week Packs! 7 masks at a discount! 

Choose the color palate you like, or be surprised with a variety of colors!

  • Light weight, pre washed, 100% premium hand dyed cotton
  • 2 ply and 3 ply options 
  • Silicone toggle for easy elastic adjustments
  • Chin elastic and nose wire for perfect snug fit 
  • One of a kind Tie Dye (TD) patterns and colors
  • Behind head elastic can easily transition into behind the ears by cutting elastic in the middle and retying.
  • All Made by LAD products are made in Philadelphia with responsibly sources materials from small and local businesses.
  • The making of this product produces zero waste.
  • Packaging: Masks come in a reusable 100% unbleached biodegradable cotton pouch


Solid Pack1- Black, Gray, Indigo, Light Blue, Green, Tan, Navy

Solid Pack2-  Gray, Black, Raspberry, Pink, Purple, Indigo, Green

Blues Bundle- Solid Indigo, Solid Light Blue, Indigo TD, Navy TD, Aqua TD, Light Blue TD, Gray TD

Green+Blue Bundle- Solid Indigo, Solid Green, Solid Gray,  Hunter Green TD, Emerald Green TD, Aqua TD, Indigo TD

Pink+Purple Bundle- Solid Pink, Solid Raspberry, Solid Purple, Purple TD, Raspberry TD, Orange TD, Light Purple TD

Fall Mix Bundle- A selection of fall colors, both solids and tie dye.

Solid Fall Bundle- Hunter Green, Black, Gray, Brown, Tan, Navy, Indigo

Surprise Bundle- Designer's choice! A mix of Solids and Tie Dyes.

Note:If you would like to make a special color request, please add it in the notes section in the cart.

Textile hues and patterns will vary with each order

*Colors in bundles are subject to change based on availability. 

***Flannels are not included and may not be substituted*** 

Warning: Elastic may contain latex


Orders typically ship within 5-7 business days.